Production of our bulk drugs (APIs) employs the process of organic chemical synthesis performed in multi purpose reactors in batch operations which is followed by isolation of the product via extraction, crystallization & filtration. Finished products are then dried, milled & blended. It is a complex multi step process product from one step becomes a starting material for the next step, until the finished drug product is synthesized.

Our APIs are currently manufactured in designated facilities as below:


For small volume APIs & intermediates.
Equipped with high grade equipment ranging from stainless steel & glass reactors, chromatographic columns, agitated Nutsche filter dryers, Halar coated centrifuges to sparkler filters and multi mills, the facility is a classified (Class ISO-8) manufacturing area with dedicated HVAC systems and trained professionals. We also possess a separate dedicated hydrogenation facility to cater to requirements.


The world is advancing towards high potent drugs for therapy to gain maximum therapeutic benefits with minimal doses. Manufacturing of such drugs is challenging due to the specialized pre requisites for such facilities. We practice the highest Environment Health & Safety (EHS) industrial practices for handling cytotoxic drug compounds & distributing the end-products worldwide with secure supply chains in place.

Use of isolator systems allows for complete containment of the environment where the product is manipulated restricting production operators and the surrounding environment from exposure.


Our large volume API manufacturing facility is under construction in full swing which would be equipped with state of the art equipment to cater to our customer’s growing requirements of higher volumes of APIs.