Research And Development

The Apothecon’s dedicated Research and Development department comprises around 175+ scientists. We are proud to have a highly qualified professionals with the scientific knowledge, who are working on development of challenging molecules, niche molecules, complex iron molecules, peptide molecules, complex polymer molecules, chiral molecules, polymorphism and novel intermediate compounds. The core area of R&D work mainly focusing on development of generic molecules by non-infringing route of synthesis as well as innovative process.

Our well experienced formulation development team is working on development of various dosage form like complex injectable for iron molecules & peptides, drug device combination products, nasal sprays, stability challenging oral solutions, dry powder suspensions, delayed release mini tablets for enzyme molecules, tablets for polymer molecule and hard gelatin capsule formulation.

We are having excellent analytical team, who are developing new analytical methods for drug substances and drug products. The analytical team has great expertise on developing critical methods for complex iron molecules, peptide molecules, polymer complex molecules as well as sameness study with RLD. We have also dedicated analytical team for the in vitro study.

We have strong intellectual property rights team, who are focusing on non-infringing route of molecules; filing of new patent applications; responding to customer queries; preparing patents landscaping and freedom to operate opinions for drug substance and drug products.