Our mission:

To serve our customers, stakeholders and the people of our country and the world with human values and to provide access to affordable niche medicines to all those in need of it.

Our Values:


Quality is a benchmark of perfection for the end-user and we are constantly striving to maintain & improvise our quality standards. We conduct our every operation with adherence to the highest parameters of cGMP right from product development till it reaches the end user.


We, pledge to be a responsible corporate citizen & realize the importance of integrating EHS matters effectively as part of our business activities. We take all practicable measures to create a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and a clean environment for our employees as well as the surrounding community.


We constantly upgrade our manufacturing facilities and adapt the technological innovations in our facilities to consistently excel and produce high quality medicines at an affordable price for our customers.


We hold ourselves to high standards of ethical behavior, conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity & practice transparency. We observe zero tolerance for noncompliance which is our effort toward maintaining and honoring the trust our customers and stakeholders place in us.


We consistently strive to positively impact & protect the lives of our patients, customers, stakeholders, the community and the environment at large. We care for our employees and our customers and strive to create a healthy work environment for the people who dedicate their time working for us and for our end users for whom we aim at making healthcare affordable & accessible.


We synchronize the efforts and energies & intellect of our people across all levels to deliver superlative results in all that we do. We encourage diverse opinions and yet collaborate in a coordinated and mutually supportive way.